Geroscience aims to understand how aging biology enables diseases, and is itself the main risk factor for chronic diseases and disabilities that affect older adults. By developing a deeper understanding of aging biology, Geroscience aims to slow the aging process and thus improve overall health in our later years. Interventions based on these principles would dramatically lower health care costs and have societal benefits that are unmatched by the cure of any single disease.

The Second Euro-Geroscience Conference, to be held on March 24-25, 2022 in Toulouse, France, will provide a forum for open discussion of the current advances and future development in the field. The high-level conference will feature many of the most salient world leaders in the field of geroscience, and will serve to highlight nascent efforts in the field in Europe, and Toulouse in particular. To achieve this goal, the 2-day conference will feature 6 scientific sessions and 4 round-table discussions.



· Ensure that participants are aware of the potential role of aging biology as a major risk factor in the etiology of age-related diseases, and the potential benefits of geroscience approaches for treatment of those diseases.

· Highlight efforts of both Academic and Industrial entities in Europe, to promote potential collaborations between Europe and leaders elsewhere in the world.






Dr. Felipe Sierra speaks about the 2nd Euro-Geroscience Conference







I look forward to welcoming you to Toulouse in March 2022


Dr. Felipe Sierra

Inspire Director for Geroscience at the Toulouse University Hospital (France)

Senior Advisor, NIA Director (NIH) (USA)

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